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Sony Ericsson P910i
Sony Ericsson P910i
By: Preeti

The Sony Ericsson P910i is a classic example of a smart phone .it's the size of a PDA and has all the features of one. It's also a triband GSM phone, it supports the 900 / 1800 and 1900 MHz frequency ranges. The P910i boasts significantly more storage capacity than the P900. Internally it provides 64MB of storage and the Memory Stick slot now supports Memory Stick PRO Duo, meaning up to 1 Gigabyte of storage can be added to the phone. The touch screen has also been improved. It is now considerably brighter and the brightness can be controlled (via the control panel or battery icon.) The screen now renders 262,000 colors rather than the P900's 65,000. Overall this gives a much crisper, clearer screen and is a significant improvement for image viewing. The majority of applications on the P910 are the same as those found on the P900.

Features and Specifications
Powered by a 156 MHz ARM 9 processor, this mobile phone runs on Symbian OS 7.0. The front side consists of a large LCD screen whose size becomes apparent once the QWERTY keypad is flipped open. This phone comes with 64 MB of inbuilt memory and supports a Memory stick Duo memory slot, which supports memory of up to 1 GB. The integrated camera supports full VGA quality pictures, and also supports video recordings. The other side consists of a jog dial, which a quick way of scrolling through the menu. The phone supports connectivity options like Bluetooth, IR and USB. Although the phone features a full QWERTY keyboard, its functions are quite limited. The P910i offers the same features as the P900. Symbian OS C++ developers will see no real changes, except that the P910i now includes a Symbian Signed Certificate so that signed application will install without a warning message. Java developers will notice a few small improvements. The P910i supports a JSR-185 (JTWI 1.0) compliance implementation of MIDP 2.0; API support has been added for full screen, vibrator and backlight in addition to being able to read the phones IMEI serial number and software version. The P910 supports JSR-82 Java Bluetooth (excluding OBEX/Push) and JSR-120 Wireless Messaging API's.In addition the P910i also supports PJava, AppForge Crossfire for Visual Basic programming and OPL, with a port of Python also underway. The P910i utilizes a 640x480 (VGA) camera, through the single CommuniCorder application to record both still images and video (although maximum video resolution is 176x144 pixels). The still shooting options include profiles for night, indoor and outdoor photography as well as quick selection of a smaller picture size for MMS messages. For Video there is a standard and MMS message option. Video of any length can be shot, up to the limit of available memory (one hour uses approximately 64Mb.)The messaging application gives full access to SMS, MMS and internet email as well as beamed content, area info and OTA setup messages. The MMS editor allows multi slide MMS messages to be created with control over the playing time. MMS messages can include images (still or video), sound and text.
Bluetooth now supports a car hands free profile so the P910i will work with the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Car hands free (HCB-300) or other compliant car systems. The PC Suite software allows Calendar, Task, Contact, Jotter and emails to be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Lotus Organizer, support has been improved with PC Suite working with Lotus Notes versions 6.0 and 6.5 and Outlook 2003. Contacts can also be synchronized with Windows address book. The ability to backup and restore is also provided along with features to allow P800 or P900 users to transfer data to a P910i.And finally there are a number of other applications including a calculator, world clock and alarms, file manager and GPRS data log.

The P910i is a much better business smart phone than the P900. The addition of Quick Word, Quick Sheet and Pdf+ makes it far more practical as a go anywhere, use anywhere business tool. Loading Opera, Quick Point and HP Print adds to these capabilities. The extra onboard memory and expandable storage should give more than enough space for even the most demanding business user. The thumb board also means that the P910i offers the same input convenience as a number of competing devices, with the added bonus of being able to outperform them in every other respect. Coupled with the suite of PIM, messaging, imaging and audio applications the Sony Ericsson Application Shop that the P910i has more than enough capacity to run.

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