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Motorola RAZR V9m

Should You Buy the Motorola RAZR?

Motorola have long been the kings of style in the mobile phone industry, championing the celebrity endorsement by giving the original RAZR model to Hollywood`s hottest young stars before it was released to the general public. This kind of exposure guaranteed that people would give into the hype and pick it up when the time came, and as the RAZR has evolved and the features have changed, so too have Motorola as a manufacturer. They started off manufacturing television and radio equipment in the 1940s and 50s, but by the early 90s they were pioneering the growing cellular telecommunications business. Nowadays they are known for their environmental, ethical production methods as well as their stylish handsets, and have recently announced the first mobile phone handset to be comprised of recycled water bottles. So Motorola as a company are more than just faceless corporate giants, but what about their phones, are they any good?

Motorola RAZR2 V8
This is one of the two main RAZR models that are still on sale today, and whilst it lacks some of the features of it`s bigger brother, it is by no means a bad handset and still has the looks and charm to pull in the crowds, as well as being available at an attractive price point. There are loads of great features including an Opera powered internet browser to make surfing on the move simple and quick, and is available with up to 2G of onboard memory, making storing files and music for entertainment on the move an option.

Motorola RAZR2 V9 Technical Specs
The current iteration of the RAZR, which began life in 2004, is the RAZR2 V9. This version has stayed true to the traditions of the RAZR family by coming in a clamshell design, with the main screen hidden in the middle of the phone and accessed by a cool flip of the outer shell. There is also an additional external screen, and the functionality of this outer screen has grown since its first inception. The outer screen is touch sensitive, allowing users to view text messages without opening the phone, as well as being able to reply to texts and view other features like the call log. When it`s not in use the screen will also show the date and time as well as a background of your choosing. The RAZR V9 has also incorporated far more multimedia features in than previous models. Firstly there`s the improved 2 mega pixel camera for quick snapping as well as recording video. Secondly there`s the vastly improved music player functions with 2GB of built in memory which coupled with connectivity options like Bluetooth and 3G makes the V9 a thoroughly modern phone with classic yet classy styling.

So, to answer the question `should you buy the Motorola RAZR?` yes, if you`ve read the information above and it appeals to you. Both the V8 and V9 are available now and offer style and functionality, an asset boasted by most Motorola mobile phones.

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