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Nokia e50

Nokia E50 - An Aspiration of the Business Class

By: Alice Erin

In the E series of the Finnish mobile giant Nokia comes the E50 model which is primarily meant for catering to the needs and aspiration of the business class. It is a smartphone featuring personal computer like functionality in the phone. The Nokia E50 phones comes with array of high-end features meeting the high expectation for which it is meant for i.e for business, and only for business.

The E50 model of the Nokia comes with the full support of email capabilities with the functionality of a complete personal organizer. An important feature of the smartphone that can be found in the Nokia E50 - applications for enhanced data processing and connectivity can be installed on the device.

The Nokia E50 phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera complete with a 4 x digital zoom that makes it possible to zoom the subject without much effort and extra pain. Thus the captured photos are sharp, colourful and with perfect tone and toner. The large TFT screen works as a viewfinder and provides a 262k colour display and a screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Well, their are options in the phone that the user can store their captured pictures, share it with others via multimedia messaging or email.

The best thing that can come to any music enthusiastic is - 70 MB of dynamic memory and which can be expanded even further by using the MicroSD cards. The user can record video for up to one hour and store it on the phones memory and play it when he wants.

It is worth mentioning, users of the phone will find fully loaded messaging tools that includes: SMS, multimedia messaging (MMS) and email. The multimedia message include a picture/ video with sound/ voice clips and text which can be sent and received to any MMS compatible mobile phone user. The email service in the phone is simple and efficient to use supporting POP3, IMAP4 & SMTP email.

The user of the phone gets the freedom as they encounter on their personal computer; one can attach documents and files to their emails and use the email service. The user can attach and view documents in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The phone also comes equipped with tools like zip manager and Adobe reader compatibility.

Nokia E50

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Nokia E50 - Making Work a Pleasure!

By: Adam Jaylin

When it comes to zero-in on a mobile handset, even the most firm of minds may waver. Priorities and parameters are effective contributors for this and hence to fetch a handset (to your satisfaction) is quite a commendable job.

Nokia E50 is the latest in Nokia E series, heralded as a business phone. Unlike other handsets of E series, it does not come with 3G technology, but goes a lot slimmer emphasizing more on appearance than the prior E series handsets. It does reasonably well in specifications.

To begin with, Nokia e50 is a GSM Quadband phone which guarantees global roaming. Looks like they have opted for GSM Quadband over 3G (wonder what could have stopped them from integrating these two technologies, just a thought!). The 256 K TFT display measuring 31 x 42 mm is on the expected lines and it comes with an optional camera. Once opted, it is instilled with 1.3 megapixels camera with video which maintains the standards of a high-end mobile phone.

Data transfer/connectivity has many quality takers in Nokia e50. There is this long list of such facilitators and hence consumer's nerves should be settled had it swelled after getting to know that Nokia e50 is not a 3G handset. GPRS, eHSCSD, EDGE, USB, Bluetooth, infrared and WAP 2.0/xHTML browser ably fits into the scheme of functionalities.

70 MB shared memory can well be upgraded to make room for more data storage (documents, music, images etc.) through microSD hotswappable cards. Living by the reputation of 'business handset', Nokia e50 consists of document viewer and goes compatible with Zip manager and Adobe reader.

Add on mobile PBX solutions help make communication more comfortable and effective. It brings in features like call tracking and expense reporting which basically caters to the business needs.

Nokia e50, if not an exceptional handset can very truly be called an ntry level high-end mobile handset targeting business consumers with apposite features and looks.

Adam Jaylin is the in house shopping expert at Rupiz Compare and is an authority on mobile phones. He would bring the latest mobile phones to you through the portal.

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