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Nokia 3110

Nokia 3110 Classic - It is the Real Phone

By: Ben Bradley

The new Nokia 3110 Classic mobile phone comes in a classic bar design casing that is available in grey, pink, mandarin and blue colored casing. It is possible or the user to select the handset depending upon his preferences and tastes. The mobile phone handset coming with a measurement of 107mm in height, 45mm in width & 13.1mm in depth, is a compact and slim handset weighing 81 grams. This makes the model ideal for carrying purposes. It is also comfortable for the user to slip the phone into the pocket. The Nokia 3110 Classic phone comes with a 1.8 Inch TFT colour screen with a 128 x 160 pixel screen resolution. This user friendly handset brings an element of fun for the users.

The attractive feature of Nokia 3110 Classic mobile phone is the built in 2 megapixel camera feature that assures the user of perfect pictures with excellent quality. The camera attached to the handset comes with an 8 x digital zoom that helps the user in getting a close up of the subject. The built in video capabilities supports the user in recording, play backing and streaming the video footage. The Nokia 3110Classic handset comes with a built in media player that helps the user to enjoy music and video playback ensuring perfect musical entertainment.

The Nokia 3110 Classic handset supports the user in downloading and transferring music files with the help of the connectivity options available. The FM radio existing in the handset helps the user in listening the favourite stations at any time of the day. The 3500 Classic has the EDGE technology that helps the users in experiencing high speed data transfer rates on the mobile phone. It is also possible for the user to connect the mobile phone to other compatible devices including the home or office PC, laptop, headset and printer using either a mini USB cable connection or a Bluetooth technology connection which allows the user to gain a wireless connection between devices

Nokia 3110 Classic Mobile Phone Review - An Attempt To Go Retro Almost Works

By: Brad Croften

We review a lot of phones; I get a lot of demonstration models, and get a lot of experience playing with the gadgetry. And I confess, it's probably made me more than a touch jaded about what goes into mobile phone. While I've (mostly) avoided the chaos and frustration of trying to integrate a smart phone into my life (and swapping it out when I have to return the demo model), I've grown accustomed to large numbers of megapixels on a camera, music player that uses all those standard formats, and come to accept them as standard features on a phone.

So reviewing the Nokia 3110 Classic mobile was something of a trip in a time machine. It brought me back to the days when a mobile was just a device to talk on, and had rudimentary caller ID features. Well, not quite.

The Nokia 3110 is what passes for a no frills phone, and it's remarkable how feature rich no frills is these days. While I wasn't expecting it, it has features like a built in FM radio, and a decent MP3 player, though you'll need to invest in a microSD card to store your music on.

It doesn't have a camera of any sort, but does have both bluetooth and IR support for connecting to remote headsets, or wireless connectivity - assuming you can figure out what you want to connect to, wirelessly. While Nokias usually have a good menu driven system, the smallish screen on this one was hard to read; it also referenced features that weren't on the mobile phone at all, which could cause some confusion and fuss.

Its got a solid, chunky design. It fits nicely in a pocket and is made very durable. You won't be worried about breaking it in usage, or by accidentally dropping it. The keys are large, and well placed for texting, though I'm a bit out of the prime texting demographic, having been taught grammar and sentence structure in school.

The primary selling point about this phone is the price - it's quite affordable, and is available on pay as you go plans with no contract. While I personally don't care about "mobile phone as fashion accessory", the Nokia 3110 is chunky enough that even I noticed it. My daughter, who normally asks to borrow any review models we get, never tried this one.

Which is, I suppose, an endorsement of sorts. It's one you can give your kids (provided you get an unlimited texting plan!) and not worry about where it ends up, or if it gets broken. All in all, we think Nokia's re-entry into the "commodity phone" market is an interesting venture, and they've packed more features than we expected into a nice enough package for the price.

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