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Nokia 1600

Nokia 1600 Review

By: Jonathan Baker

The Nokia 1600 is an excellent cell phone for persons who want a device primarily for making and receiving calls and exchanging simple text messages. A handy feature appreciated by casual users is a graphical demonstration mode that displays how to use the basic functions of the phone.

The color screen displays up to 65,536 colors and numbers displayed while making a call are large. The 4.09 inch length, 1.77 inch width, and 0.67 inch thick candy bar shape, and 2.82 ounce weight make the phone comfortable to handle. The large and widely spaced illuminated entry keys are easy to use. Another nice feature is a speaking alarm clock that is loud enough to prevent sleeping in.

With the Nokia 1600, SMS (Short Message Service) and Instant Messaging are supported and the Speed Dial function and a Distribution List can be used to send messages in addition to placing calls. In addition, 8 Text Templates can be used to store commonly sent messages. There is also an "Undo" function to avoid accidental erasure of e-mails. Text can be entered quickly and accurately with the T9 Predictive Text method or text can be entered in the conventional repetitive keying manner.

The phone provides a vibrate alert and integrated hands free functionality is standard. A full duplex speaker phone is loud and provides good sound quality. The standard contact list stores 200 contacts and 250 more can be stored in an optional SIM card if supported by the communications network provider.

The screen display can be customized with wallpaper, themes, and animated color screen savers. In addition, 20 polygraphic ring tones are provided. A Reminder List will sound an alert when a task is due and a postpone function can be activated to remind again in ten minutes.

Network communication is via GSM E850/1900 MHz with automatic switching between bands.

Overall, the Nokia 1600 is an excellent choice for those who only want a basic, quality cell phone at a low cost.

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