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Samsung D900
Samsung D900 - An Opportunity

By: Alice Erin

Megapixel Camera with Autofocus and Flash; SMS (Text Messaging), EMS (Enhanced Messaging) alongside with MMS (Multimedia Messaging); Music Player added with Polyphonic Ringtones and MP3 Ringtones; Java"! Games plus with Downloadable Games; Bluetooth with USB support are few of the high-end features incorporated in the Samsung D900.

The phone runs on the GSM network of frequencies GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900 and EDGE technology, this not only allows its users to remain in contact seamlessly from any part of the world. On other hand, it indeed gives users the freedom to roam irrespective of the country and the location.

The Samsung D900 has a 3.15 megapixel camera, it not only gives user an opportunity to freeze any spectacular moments of his life but it gives him the freedom to express himself. Added it with an auto focus feature in the phone, it gives users the right picture and right focus, so that he doesn't miss any memorable moments. He can enhance the clicked photos with photo effects and change quality setting that suit to his taste. The video feature in the phone is very easy and simple to use, user can record and playback captured video clips which can be saved or shared with others.

The Samsung D900 comes as a sophisticated device for those who are always on move and they have to carry out there work while they are traveling. Tools like Excel, Word, PowerPoint or PDF format can be viewed easily in the Samsung D900 and cane be composed. Well, the EDGE technology in the phone allows the user to enjoy a fast and efficient data transfer speed on their phone.

The Samsung D900 comes with a handsfree speaker phone which makes the users to receive and make call without taking the phone near his ear. He can receive and call while he is busy in doing something or he is driving. The user has teh options to send text messages, multimedia messages with images, sound; enhanced messages and emails from the D900. The messaging service are efficient and users don't have to wait for the message delivery.

Samsung D900
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