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Nokia 6111 - Slim, Smart, And Intelligent

By: Gian Bryan

The Nokia 6111 is one of the slimmest and attractive mobile phones from Nokia. The handset with its slim design and eye-catchy colours is sure to catch users attention in the very first look. Simply, slide it open and view latest phone features that are concealed inside. Though slim in profile, it does not compromise on features. Hold it in your hand and browse phone features with ease.

The slim and stylish device comes in three enticing colours, which include black, silver and pink. In its slim mobile casing, the device offers features such as music, pictures, videos and mobile Internet - all at your fingertips. Boasted with a 262k TFT colour screen, the Nokia 6111 provides an excellent interface for watching videos, pictures and phone menus. Shoot some special moments with an integrated 1.0 MP camera. Additional camera features such as 6x digital zoom and camera flash ensure good picture quality.

If you are a big fan of music, then the Nokia 6111 is an excellent choice for you. The handset comes with a built-in media player and provides superb music quality. Additionally, the device also comes loaded with an FM stereo radio - tune in and listen to your favourite music station. What else, the Nokia 6111 also supports Push-to-talk feature that lets your phone work like a walkie-talkie.

Moreover, the Nokia 6111 comes with messaging features such as Xpress audio messaging, OMA MMS, SMS, Email and instant messaging - allowing users to keep in touch with the world via texts, videos, audio and pictures. Email features allow you to send and receive documents with ease. As far as mobile connectivity is concerned, the Nokia 6111 offers Bluetooth, Infra-red and USB port - connect the phone with any other compatible devices with or without using a wire. Enjoy browsing the net and keep you updated with latest news and information. Its not the size, its the power that matters.

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