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Samsung I900 Omnia Reviews
Samsung I900 Omnia Reviews
By: Kaamran Malik, Adam Caitlin, Shan Polluk

The new Samsung i900 is the most desirable phone of 2008, a bold statement, but on merit this is most certainly true. This beauty hailed an iPhone wannabe, really has got it all. After a few attempts at producing the best touchscreen phone (namely the Armani and Tocco), it seems Samsung may have finally cracked the code with the i900 Omnia.

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Should You Buy the Motorola RAZR?

Motorola have long been the kings of style in the mobile phone industry, championing the celebrity endorsement by giving the original RAZR model to Hollywood`s hottest young stars before it was released to the general public.

Sony Ericsson K850i - Most Demanded Handset Yet!
By: David J Martin

If you are excited about digital photography and searching for a camera mobile phone, then the new Sony Ericsson K850i is the one you should get clutch of. In fact, this latest Sony Ericsson phone is in no way less advanced than the standalone digital camera. The K850i belongs to the K-Series phone that is the camera focused group of Sony Ericsson mobiles.

Nokia N80 Reviews
By: Fallon Seabrook, Bill Pratt

The new generation of smartphones comes with a wide range of improved features, both technical and optical features. One of the smartphones that is gaining more and more success is the Nokia N80, a mobile phone with an excellent camera and screen, together with other optimized multimedia features.

Samsung Soul Becomes a Pay As You Go Mobile Phone - Samsung U900 Soul
By: Susan Hargreaves

The latest Samsung Soul mobile phone offers some of the best in technology and design that the manufacturer has to offer, originally released on O2 the Samsung U900 Soul went on to be launched with Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile UK networks until now when this new 5.0 megapixel camera device has been made available as a Pay As You Go phone.

Samsung E950 SIM Free is New Upgrade to Samsung E900 - SGH E950
By: Susan Hargreaves

For those that follow the mobile phones industry the Samsung E900 was a real breakthrough in technology, it was the first ever Samsung phone to feature touch sensitive controls so rather than actually having to press the menu keys you simply touched the surface with your finger to select options.

Motorola RAZR2 V8 vs LG Viewty - Experience the Game
By: Cera Paul

Yet another enticing phone from the house of Motorola, the Motorola RAZR2 V8 has brought new levels of sophistication to the way people communicate. Truly, Motorola RAZR2 is a gem of a product from the renowned Motorola Corporation, USA.

Nokia 1600 Review
By: Jonathan Baker

The Nokia 1600 is an excellent cell phone for persons who want a device primarily for making and receiving calls and exchanging simple text messages. A handy feature appreciated by casual users is a graphical demonstration mode that displays how to use the basic functions of the phone.

Nokia 8800 Sirocco Reviews
By: Alice Erin, swornambigai

New age mobile phones have changed the communications world. Its not only about the technology, the overall mobile experience has changed. The obvious reason is the phone feature and design. For style conscious consumers, Nokia has also introduced the Nokia 8800 that lives up everyone's expectations.

Nokia N96 Reviews
By: Martin Dev

The Nokia N96 slider phone has a unique design. It has two keypads that open up on opposite sides of the handset. The device can be slide opened either in upward or downward direction. One can gain access to its QWERTY keyboard by slide opening the handset in upward direction. When one moves its display downwards, it reveals another keypad that features a set of multimedia controls. One can also gain access to its navigation and shortcut keys even when the device lies in its slide closed position.

LG U830 Reviews
By: Samuel Herrick, Carly Charu, Alice Erin ...

Known for its luxurious mobile products, the company again introduces a new mobile phone, the LG U830 - a perfect combination of style with perfection. Adding more power with 3G technology, the device always keeps your ahead of time. Packed with high-end features, the device takes care of your personal as well as professional world with ease. Hold the device in your hand and enjoy browsing exciting and fun features, anytime-anywhere.

Samsung D900i Is The Next Generation Samsung D900
By: Susan Hargreaves

Samsung Mobile are now renowned for their slider phone range, from the early days of the bulky D500 the market has watched whilst slimmer, smoother and more technically advanced models have been introduced.

Motorola RAZR Maxx V6 - Maximising the fun
By: Samuel Herrick

The new Motorola RAZR MAXX V6 3G mobile phone comes with the latest technologies, keeping in mind the preferences and tastes of the users. The RAZR MAXX coming from Motorola is one of the smallest broadband type mobile phones with a measurement of 104 x 53 x 15 mm making it easy for the user to hold in hand and slip into the pocket.

Samsung U600 - Hold The World In Your Palm

The GSM attuned Samsung U600 is fondly referred to as a "Size Zero" phone due to its ultra slim structure. However, there is no end to the immense facilities that the 10.9mm deep gadget offers you. Even with its slider open, it is merely 146 mm in length. Samsung U600 is well balanced both in its technical and physical aspects. The handset that is supported by GPRS / EDGE data capability, is in-built with a 3.2 megapixel camera.

Nokia 7900 Prism Joins the Nokia 7500 Prism to Complete the Range
By: Susan Hargreaves

The Nokia Prism phones are very different to the average mobile handset in their design, the exterior has been diamond cut to leave a 3D triangular pattern across the face of the phones and even the buttons are made up of triangles.

Sony Ericsson Z750i Attractive And Beautifully Designed
By: Samuel Herrick

The new Sony Ericsson Z750i mobile phone known for attractive and beautifully designed handset comes with a smooth and shiny casing. The mobile handset is 20mm deep, 97.4mm high and 49mm wide making it a solid and neat sized handset. The Z750i model handset coming from Sony Ericsson is 110 grams in weight making it comfortable to hold in hand.

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