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The Ultimate Bourne Is Back In Action

By: Yakub Susanto

One of the Franchise's Blockbuster Character is back again in this year summer movies (sequel again!). His name is Jason Bourne. Yes, Bourne is back in the third series of a film based on Robert Ludlum's best-selling novel THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM.

But it's expected that it will have an almost completely different plot, as with the two proceeding Bourne films.

Okay, just let take a look at the simple synopsis of this third movie:

Matt Damon stars once again as Ludlum's signature character, amnesia-suffering assassin Jason Bourne. He still suffers with the amnesia and still being hunted by the same members of the CIA. Bourne lured out of hiding to make contact with a reporter named Simon Ross (Paddy Considine), who has offers to help him put some pieces together about him and Treadstone, the organization that trained him. Meanwhile, a new organization under the codename Blackbriar was start up by U.S. government official Noah Vosen (David Strathairn) with intent to rub out Bourne and the reporter before they expose the program's disturbing secrets.

In order to cheer up the situations, there still one of the remaining Treadstone Assassins, Paz (Edgar Ramirez), coming out to find and neutralize both Bourne and Ross. And now the game is already begin between Bourne and the deadliest group of highly-trained agents and assassins. The ultimatum is clear: Travel across the world to find the truth, and then get away or get killed.

Universal pictures is scheduled to releases this movie on August 3, 2007. Paul Greengrass directed from a script by Tony Gilroy and Tom Stoppard. Some of the original casts is back in this sequel with some of new casts, Joan Allen and Julia Stiles still played the role as Pamela Landy and Nicky Parsons. It was filmed in multiple locations, including New York City, Morocco, Spain, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, as well as other locations in the United States.

Some Facts of the movie:

- Discussing the franchise with MTV News, Frank Marshall said that while 'The Bourne Ultimatum' was the last book in the series written by late author Robert Ludlum, he didn't expect it to be the last big screen adventure for troubled former assassin Jason Bourne.

- Paul Greengrass said on Sony Ericsson Empire Awards, "It's a new story, completely different from the novel. It's going to have all the excitement you'd expect from a Bourne film and all the intensity you'd expect from a Bourne story, it's going to rock. That's honestly what it's going to do. What direction? We'll have a better car chase, have more exciting action, more intensity and just generally be a f******' classy film. I think Matt Damon's looking forward to it like I am. It's going to be an absolute laugh."

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