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Milla Jovovich
Jovovich Returns for Final 'Resident Evil'
By: Paul Fischer
It's interesting because these knives that I use in the film are Tibetan weapons and are actually one-handed knives. The fact they have never been screened before, this is the first time the weapons have ever been filmed and for me to have two is super violent and super insane.
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Toronto Film Festival 2007
By: Paul Fischer
The Toronto International Film Festival returns with one of its largest and most diverse programmes to date. As stars come out for the annual event, the most prestigious film festival in North America, the Indie and mainstream worlds collide with a vengeance.

Mr. Hopkins Does Things His Way
By: Paul Fischer
At 70, Sir Anthony Hopkins shows no signs of slowing down. As an actor, he is still preparing to play Alfred Hitchcock in a biopic, sill be seen next month in the all digital Beowulf, and his second directorial feature, Slipstream, will be released several months following its Sundance bow. Talking on the phone from the Southern Californian town of Ojai, the vacationing Hopkins says that Slipstream, a fragmented tale of lost dreams and illusion, came about at the right time in his life.

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) - A Film Review
By: John Clarke
This is the cinematic equivalent of lighting a high-power repeater firework and having the director strap you to it before you can retreat to a safe distance. It's insane and it's the Bourne Ultimatum. The third and final instalment of a trilogy that has raised its genre's bar to new heights...

The Ultimate Bourne Is Back In Action
By: Yakub Susanto
One of the Franchise's Blockbuster Character is back again in this year summer movies (sequel again!). His name is Jason Bourne. Yes, Bourne is back in the third series of a film based on Robert Ludlum's best-selling novel THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM.

Movie Review, Die Hard 4
By: Luke Haines
From what I've read and heard, there have been two main fears surrounding the fourth installment of arguably the greatest action franchise of all time. First and foremost, the incessant bleating on about Willis age. At 52, many feel Willis is too old to carry on as John McClane, the world weary cop who killed his first terrorist on screen twenty years ago.

Chinese Channels on Satellite TV
By: Toan Dam
Watching Chinese televisions can be a great way to learn Chinese as well as retain the Chinese that you've already learned. From the news to family sit-coms, Chinese channels can help people from novice to advanced level in developing greater proficiencies in reading, speaking, and listening.

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