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Lotus Elise
Lotus Elise
By: William Berg
Lotus Elise is a good looking and high performance sports car developed by the Lotus Company. When the first Lotus Elise was released, it received a lot of attention for its remarkably low weight and striking design. The first Lotus Elise hit the marked in September 1995. Today, there are two main types Lotus Elise available for the car enthusiast: Lotus Elise Series 1 cars and Lotus Elise series 2 cars.
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New Mercedes Benz - ML Review
By: N Beardmore
The new Mercedes ML is a proper 4x4 crossover, but then it had to be. The previous model ML was never the car it could have been, so when Mercedes designed the new ML, it had a lot of issues to address before it could become a great car. Luckily, when there is a real challenge to be had Mercedes are good at coming through.

2006 Toyota Tundra Review
By: Stuart Simpson
One of the neat things about the new trucks is style. When I opened the door, I was surrounded in leather. The DVD navigation system may be a bit much for my use, but the double cab had a rear seat DVD player that would be perfect for the kids. It also had a vertical sliding rear glass, just like my 4runner and Sequoia.

The Top Three BMW Cars Of 2007
By: Gabriel J. Adams
The 2007 BMWs are getting ready to emerge on the market soon with their September debut. Selecting which one you want depends on your style and desire for speed and comfort. Here is some information on the top three BMW cars for 2007.

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